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Cultural Information




ISTAT - Italian National Statistics Institute


CENSIS. Censis, Centre for Social Studies and Policies, was founded in 1964 and carries out socio-economic studies and research. Research is mainly carried out on behalf of Ministries, regional, provincial and municipal governments, Chambers of commerce, business and professional associations, banks, private companies, network managers, international agencies and in the context of UE programs.
  1. The History of Italy

  2. RAI-Italian Television Network
  3. Enciclopedia Multimediale Scienze Filosofiche - RAI Educational

  4. Cineuropa
  5. Internet Movie database or IMDB Internet Movie Database
  6. Tempi moderni. La videorivista di cinema.
  7. Rivista del cinematografo on line
  8. Italia. Cinema
  9. La Cineteca del Friuli (Gemona)

  10. CIDIM (Comitato Nazionale Italiano Musica) - Banca Dati Musicale Italiana
  11. Arena di Verona
  12. Gran Teatro La Fenice - Venezia
  13. Settimane Musicali al Teatro Olimpico. Music programme related to the festival of the "Settimane Musicali al Teatro Olimpico", scheduled for the forthcoming month of June 2000 in Palladio's beautiful theatre in Vicenza.
  14. Operabase. Opera schedules, Opera Houses, Opera Festivals, Opera Reviews, Opera Links, etc.
  15. Italian Jazz Musicians
  16. SONORA - Contemporary Italian Music



Education in Italy

American University Education in Italy

John Cabot University in Rome

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